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We bought a 250 yr old cottage last year. Cottage was very damp and we were told to back off and lime plaster internally and then 're do the render externally. Inside has been done. We did paint quite early as we had to move in using earthborn clay paint. Recently we have noticed grease marks coming through the paint. Salt deposits seem to also make the paint start to fur up in places which I have been brushing off. What can we do about the grease marks? I am assuming it's from the fat in the lime? It's been a year now since it was done. Any advice? Also we need to start looking at getting external concrete render hacked off and then lime rendered or glastered? Anyone do this in Berkshire area?
Hack off the external cement based render. Let it dry. Be patient. Get a lime specialist to re-do the external. Don't rush, it's a painstaking procedure.
Keep sweeping off the salts, they'll get less over time.
Do some more patience.
Good luck.
Fat lime is a term of phrase meaning pure lime putty and has nothing to do with a grease Mark .
You could be getting a tanned staining from sulphar or it could be high level of salts present like dropsalot says keep wiping the salts and be patient and don't use any detergent whatsoever this will exaggerate the salts prolonging the cure
Your problem is with your outside walls if you have sand and cement render on the outside with lime mortar on the inside trapped salts and all past damp problems cant escape so are there fore coming through on the inside.
I come across this problem on a weekly basis. Your first step should have been to take all cement based products of and in the ideal world the building needs around 6 months to dry out.
In my advise to the current situation you have got in to would be to now leave as the drying times are not going to be on your side to hack off, dry, 3 coat render , dry and then paint in a 3 coat lime wash as you are now nearly in august. i would say start hacking off febuary time next year and then look to get the render done in around june time. You need to use 3 coat fat lime and not nhl. A high levle of heat such as a open fire or log burner will help pull the salts out quicker but not much is going to change until the sand cement has gone.
Would stongly advise to only use mike wye or tye mwr to supply as every one else i have used in the past 16 years have been shite!
All the best with it feel free for more advice
Sand and cement externally isn't allowing the building to breath Lime mortar to be used and job done building should loose its damp externally then

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