Lime floor

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Lime floor screed
Putting one down on Wednesday, nhl 5 and some VERY coarse sand they have sent out, almost like flagging sand, (only washed)
Just wondering what are anyone's experiences of using the gear????
Any tips???
What ratio do you use it? About 2.5/1??
It's going down about 70 to 100mm in thickness.
Semi dry just like the cement stuff

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dont let it freeze. Lime floors are very very sensitive to temperature which is why when they were the staple mortar and screed of old we used to have a building season which ran from around April through to October which avoided the frost months. This time of year I usually advise installers against lime screeds in favour flowscreeds. Lime is similar to lay to sand and cement but much stickier hence the generally much coarser sand which helps stop it from sticking to the trowel. you dont generally need to work as quickly but at the same time dont overwork the surface as you can bring too much fat to the top which will leave it dusty. I have used 2.5:1 in the past but have found it depends on the sand. Coarser sand needs a little less lime and finer sand needs a little more. Problem with finer sand and more lime is it is stickier.
Well, what a t**t that was !!
Only 40 odd metre, if the gear was slightly too wet you couldn't run it as it was moving (just like s&c) but the sand was that coarse, when the mix was bang on for ruling etc, (as it should be) you couldn't get a decent finish on the surface.
'Twas like rubbing alpine finish!
A scoured surface is what he is left with!!

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