Lime Finish Over Chimney Breasts

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I'm currently on a project renovating the interior of a 17th Century house using lime render with coarse hair, and lime finish on a variety of backgrounds.Some of the rooms have chimney breasts which I've been applying a coat of lime finish to (ie. plastering over old existing lime finished wall). The problem I'm finding is that when the lime has dried, the tar from the chimney breast wall continues to show through. Is there a material that can be used to form a barrier to the tar - but still allow the wall to breathe?



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sounds like the flue is sweating on the inside has had a sweep . Not sure if the modern will fit your way of plastering with lime.


Cow dung slurry mixed with lime putty was used for parging chimney flues according to my book. But if you are only apply over already existing plaster that may not be an option.
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