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lol well...

I have had to upgrade a few things that were kicking out errors and the like button kinder got

I am looking at ways of getting it back without cocking things up :)
:RpS_laugh: There goes my thanks button , what did I say, he's like some power crazy loon like the big bud forum.

I have a solution to fix it... wont be the same but similar... I hope :)

Wont do that till midnight tonight just in case I cock it up :D
Ok so I have added a like and change the thanks button...

It won't work on the app for a while though... but I am sure I can get that to work in the future...

I have had to go through all the forum addons and update and change to keep the forum running smoothly :) its a bit of a ballache but needs must :)

I can make the like button and thanks button look a bit better but I will need to spend some money and to be honest with eteh server last week I need to watch the pennies for a while :RpS_thumbdn:
We've paid top dollar for this app and we won't settle for anything but the best Daniel......;-)
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