lanko latex and microgobitis

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oi symmo that lanko looks like its years old with faded labels maaan

cant remember if lanko or gobetis has a shelf life can you fill in the details. I might have the gobetis and 1 lanko (lanko lasts ages like)

but anyone who usess sbr this will do you
lankos about a year from manufactor [provided its been kept away from any frost, as it knackers as i found out, goes like piss]
micros the same.

ill take it all off you if you want. or what ever the scouse one doesnt want, as he was there first.

what about them bags of matie next to it?
Hi its all out of date but dont know how long, even the maite but this is fine whisked up twice i have 40 bags of maite... taken on the 600 houses in teeside labour only so wont be needing any materials for a while just having a clearout all been stored indoors so no problem about it being frozen first come first served
how far out of date is it? and how far out is the maitie?
ive used out of date micro before, it doesnt set properly so it might be skip fodder
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