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looking for labourer/improver.

Were rendering contractors, mono, acrylics, ewi etc
based on north/west yorkshire border but work all over yorkshire.

on the books or self employed

drop us a pm if you fit the bill.


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I recall you were after someone not so long ago rich. Is this an additional position or a replacement?


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well recalled,
an additional position. thought id give it a go on here before i tackle the job centre with it. :-0


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Fair play to you Sam, your as keen as, a real tryer,bendin over backwards to get work mate, really hope you get somthin:RpS_thumbup:


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Hi there

I am from Leeds and are looking to advance my skills in plastering. I am 40 yrs old and currently at leeds building college Mon,Tues and half day Wednesday. I am 3 months in to the course doing level 1 diploma in plastering.I am picking it up very quickly but need the on-site experience.

I have laboured on plasterers in the past and also been a brickies labourer. I am a very compitent tiler and painter/decorator and have worked in the building game pretty much since leaving school. I would be looking for a Thurs Fri Sat type off job if your interested as i really want to finish this course for the certificates.

Let me know if your interested please, if not no worries.

Thanks Tony
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