Kitchen tile makeover

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Would like to do a tile course

was there not a course doing in here on tilling
think it was at someones house but I.havnt looked in a wile been busy
Good practice for tiling is to buy a jigsaw and cut all the lugs off with scissors. Then insert the lugs into the inny bits , leaving you with card squares. This is just tiling in miniature. Alternatively, practice with scrabble tiles in a dolls house. Hope this helps.
If you want a course for tiling and can't do the full college route or shadow a tiler Nett in the South Shields is great.. If you check the tilers forums everyone recommends them.. Do a good two week course.. Went there last year to top up my skills as I work alongside a mate who's time served in the tiling ..
I run a weekly tiling course in my garage on a Sunday Morning, between 10.30am and 11.00am. This includes a 25 minute morning break. It is a comprehensive course which covers all aspects and types of tile, and is fully accredited to the LRGTF (Labrador Retriever Good Tiling Federation.
PM me for course prices and details of my easy instalment plan.
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