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Just after some neutral advice regarding my labourer.

First time it took someone on looking to trading them, so appreciate the experience some of you have.

Firstly, the lads on a 2 months trial.
I told him so many times this is how it will work, when he's good at 1 he moves onto 2, then 3 then so on and so on

1, learn to mix properly, learn to clean properly and learn how to set up and use the machine.

2, learn how to tape up and PVA

3, learn how to bead and prep internally and externally.

You get the picture, when he has got the basic and is good we'll look at possibly some further prepping and maybe some trowel work, I'm talking 12 months down the line here btw.

My problem is, he is s**t.

His problems are as follows.

Leaves van doors wide open (I tell him daily to close them and keep taking drills out telling him some gypsie has taken my drills)

Takes him hours to do anything

Has a bit of an attitude where he thinks he's better than he is

Cleaning is pi55 poor and I have to go around him afterwards

No pride, drive to do a good job.

I tell him to speed up and he just does a s**t job but faster

Today he has f**k*d me, so I'm gunna f**k him tomorrow, he has taken 2.5 hours to set up the machine, tripped the fuses (he has learnt this before) then dumped a bag of mono in the hopper before he has even sorted the power, also, I asked him to move the machine and like a spaz he's tried pulling it with the power cable and f**k*d the socket up on it.

Today has been wasted.

I've told him no wages today, plus he's getting docked £15 (mono) and what ever the socket costs me.

He's 24, what the f**k is wrong with these people, he just doesn't seem bothered.

The pros are, he has run the machine nicely before but I think he's getting complacent, I've paid for both of us to have training and he lives just up the road, he did seem keen and says he is, but his actions are just the opposite, every night on our way home I tell him how important it is that he does his jobs properly and quickly, just like in one ear and out the other.

He also sounds like a seal having a stroke when eating, f**k me, the noise, slap, slap

Is this a sign he is not going to turn out to be any good, should I cut my loses or do they all start out like this?


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Whats this trading buisness ?? You should know within 2 week if a lad is worth your time and trouble or not??


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Sometimes they can turn it around eventually, I think on this you have got to go with your instincts is he going to get better ?
I always measure from the first day if there is promise persevere, the two things that are important for me initially is enthusiasm and time keeping.

Sounds like you need to get rid though


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*training not trading.

Yeah it told him already there no room for sentiment, I told him this as I shook the scaffolding because he wasn't letting go of the scaffolding thinking it was going to collapse, another con, scared of heights by the looks of it.

I don't know, I want to give him the benefit of the doubt as I have invested time and money into machine training and have chucked a lot of info at him regarding rendering and plastering.

He just frustrates the life out of me.

Best thing is, his best mate (use the term loosely) rang me the other day and asked me if he could have his job if he turned out to be s**t
only you can answer that one... but at 24 he needs to get a grip... plenty of other keen people out there that would kill for a vhance to get on the tools....


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Just bin him ... he isn't going to get better only worse... had a lad who helped me ... in the end its quicker for me to work alone and take 2 wages ..

Like others have said they think they'll labour and do next to nowt but still want 100 sheets a day hahaha
Just bin him ... he isn't going to get better only worse... had a lad who helped me ... in the end its quicker for me to work alone and take 2 wages ..

Like others have said they think they'll labour and do next to nowt but still want 100 sheets a day hahaha
100 sheets a day labouring I started with the wrong bloke !!!


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I ment they expect to start on money like that and pull a face when you tell them there not

Expect everything for nothing nowadays


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It's difficult to find good lads, and when you do find a good one and get them where you want them to be they move out on there own, and the cycle begins again.
Lots of young lads after a job. No point wasting your time on slackers when there's plenty grafters out there. I employ my girls little brother so when he's not doing as I tell him I tell his mum and he gets proper roasted haha


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I'll give him until the end of the week to pull his finger out of his arse.

He goes away on sat (24, caravan with mum and dad) I could do with him as I need someone for rest of week.

It is harder than I thought and very frustrating


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Just tell him hes proper pissing you off + if you dont see an improvement in the next week or so hes gone, then if he doesnt sort his s**t out get rid. Its mostly the generation if young lads today, s**t attitude + dont you got to do all the s**t work before you start to learn the proper stuff, had it with the lad iv got with me, he came close to getting twatted when he somehow managed swing a pair of steps into me face getting them out the van, since i had a go at him that day hes been fine, bit of a mong still at times but i can put up with that!


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In my experience you can tell after the first day,
I've had loads of numptyies I've been through more lads than Michael Barrymore at a pool party. Plenty more lads about, so I'd get rid.


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There all the same today hanging on to there mothers apron strings permanantly,i have one at home at 21 still gets his mother to make his bed wash his clothes and still picking things up after him and no job proper winds me up.
Would i have him working with me?NOT A BLOODY CHANCE!


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U expect that behaviour around a 17 18 year old but 24 it's hard but e ain't helping u no more costing u money and time


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If Uve invested in him , I think I would av a one to one , clear the air , if no change in the next 2.3/4 weeks then see ya later
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