K-rend lotus effect sealer

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Do K rend make a lotus effect sealer? Similar to paragaurd AG

Can't find anything on site and can't get in touch with anyone with it being Sunday.



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Well here where i stand.

Mono needs a coating. It is basically mortar with dye/pigment. No surface protection.

I think most sralers are probably a combination of liquid silocone and polymer. Liquid silicone is a very cheap ingredient. The price of these sealers is ridiculous considering that the product without it will look toss after 7 years average.

Asking clients to fork out thousands on external works for it to look a bag of sh1te after 6 yrs is a bit sh1t.

Its fine applying the product, its the cost thst is shocking.

More manufacturers that release them the better. Competition for pricing begins.


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It's what I've been saying on here for yonks.
All scratch renders should be sealed, as per application process.
I guess they all vary in quality.


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They all make a "lotus" or self cleaning paint. Sealers are invisible "lotus" coatings.

A sealer maintains the finish and appearance of mono where as the paints soften the surface by filling in the texture slightly.

That said jubs self cleaning nanoxil paint works superbly

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