Just done an update....

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Cheers Danny, Do you know how to keep track of where you post. I keep forgetting what conversations i've been involved in!!!! LOL
yeah you can either "subscribe to the theread"

or if you look down teh thread list there is a little icon on the right hand side of the little trowel that tells you that you have replied to a post...

Danny i cant type in the reply boxes on my new andriod mobile. Its a HTC Evo 3d its a fancy bit of kit so i would say it should be able to. Any ideas?
aH I use to have the same prob on my htc... try turning java script off mate :)

VB should be releasing a new mobile app for the forum soon... there current one is s**t and tapatalk is not flexible enough for us at the moment....
I know it is a pain but I cant launch until everybody is happy and at the moment there are still too many bugs in it :-(

I will have to spend forever and a day fixing it and I just dont have the time at the moment...

But I promise it is coming
can post now but the banner at the top is to large and i cant get in to notifications ect at the top
yer on my PC its to the left. On the mobile its larger and in font of the option bar. when i click on a option it reloads the home page as it thinks im clicking the banner.

If that makes sense
Not open for further replies.