just bought a speed skim , tips

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@Speedskim can you get protective bags for these things as we don't want to start using ours till we know we can keep 'em safe in our van.
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@Speedskim can you get protective bags for these things as we don't want to start using ours till we know we can keep 'em safe in our van.

Hi Rhys - this is a very important issue and we have already started on protective sleeves. We wanted to understand what Plasterer wanted and we have had a few inquiries over this now. We are working towards it and designs have been made, hopefully by the end of the year these will be available. Apologies if this is a long way off but development and getting things right does take quite a bit of time - particularly if you are manufacturing bespoke things yourself.

Regarding how robust the Speedskim is during storage - typically complaints are few and far between - the Plasterers that inquire over the protective cases/sleeves seem to be worried something may happen to the Speedskim blade rather than something has happened as a result of storing in the van. We have had a couple of instances where Plasterers have purchased new blades because the labourer has loaded the Speedskim under a pile of equipment/material in the back of the truck :-(

Obviously the Speedskim is best stored away, or on top of other equipment - but that's common sense for anyone I guess :)

You're right though - it is a problem that needs addressing to save inconvenience and of course 'hard earned' - we will get something sorted as soon as possible...:RpS_thumbup:

Thanks for the inquiry mate :)
Whilst posting - we do frequently get asked by Plasterers what size Speedskim to buy. Up until now the fastest moving product line has always been the 1200mm - as its seen as the all-rounder.

However Plasterers are now finding the 600mm/1200mm/Pole Attachment PRO SET gives best performance. The 1200mm is great all round and is very effective on medium and even larger areas - but the 600mm is extremely good on smaller areas (bathrooms, hallways, staircases and so on) and technical work. So as a set they work very well together..:RpS_thumbup:

The 600mm/1200mm/Pole Attachment PRO SET is discounted and very economical as a purchase and has now taken over as our fastest moving product line. :)

We sell a wide range of discounted size combinations to cater for different Plasterers requirements - not forgetting returning customers who like the results and want to add to their existing size..

Just wanted to keep members up to date on what we offer...


Prices can be found on our website and eBay :)
@MufcFan welcome to the foum mate am from manchester also, 1 of the finest. Take @spunky with a piece of salt mate hes only havin the crak with u hes a good lad but a wind up merchent lol! Every1 has there own opinions, like i said its nothing personal :RpS_thumbup:
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Y not just do a padded bag like my spirit levels come in @Speedskim

Hi Builderboi - Thanks :) Yeah we kinda looked at that and it is a good suggestion. Looking into it though we decided to design something slightly different that protects the Speedskim unit but also allows the water to drain etc - so it doesn't rot over a period of time if you know what I mean.. :)
whats the difference between the s*p*r*lex and the speed skim,? a generally honest question! do they do the same thing
are these new Speedskim stainless blades pout yet? if so how much and where. Have been trying the refina spat but nd to renew it and am wondering what to get, another refina spat, Eze Spat or speedskim spat.
All this cloak and dagger is a pile of Shiite. They will be released for sale good or bad. Getting tested lol

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Well I have just ordered a couple of speedskims !!!!!!! I think its always best to be open minded and never knock out till you have tried it! I cant wait till they arrive ;)
I do own one. Just amusing to see how the testing is being done

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If they're not released soon, I will spend my money elsewhere. Put up or shut up. My son wants an eggbox for Christmas FFS

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Then there will be road testing of the new bags for them before release. It's all good drip drip marketing.

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When will the full metal version be out?
And will they do smaller sizes say 13"-16" ?
Also just a thought could a handle be fitted for the smaller versions?
You gave it a good go then....

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