isothiazolinone in pva skin reaction


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After waiting nearly 2 years I had patch test at local hospital and I have a common allergy to methylisothiazolinone/ isothiazolinone and other names it goes under, but all the same stuff. It's in pva and paints. It's not the plaster so much causing skin troubles but more pva and other sealers, plus hand soap washes and general household cleaners. Read about it here
I've got rid of all hand wash ect and ware gloves around pva and now gone all in on cleaning vinegar for general cleaning and my hands have healed well. Bet there are loads here with same allergy that don't know they have it.

The EU has banned it in cosmetics because of the high number of reported reactions but its not banned in industry and wash off products like shampoo or hand wash and pva ect
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