Is Cemex Supaflo screed cheaper than buying pre-bagged screed and mixing it myself?

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gyvlon screeds
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I'm based in London.

Under floor heating pipes have been installed on the ground and first floor of a house.

The ground floor area is 38SQM and the first floor area is 31SQM. The depth of liquid floor screed required is 30MM.

I do not own a liquid screed pump? Can I hire one? Which companies are best to hire one for one day?

Is Cemex Supaflo screed cheaper than buying pre-bagged screed and mixing it myself?

"Concrete or other rigid sub-base", is a timber floor considered to be a rigid sub-base?

This might sound daft…If all the floors in a house are covered in under floor heating, is it acceptable to liquid screed the first floor? Under floor heating manufacturers recommend installing aluminium plates. These are expensive to buy and require a lot of time and effort to install.
ill answer as you wrote,
im taking it your not a competant screeder so are you proposing to do it yourself?

youll struggle to hire one for the day. there an expensive bit of kit, i give 20 grand for my pump so the training needed for one day wouldnt make it feasable.
i dont understand why you cant just pay an outfit to come in and do it in a day, whats the point in doing it yourself.
supaflo would be cheaper and tons less hasstle.
timber is a sound sub base.
30mm seems very thin what spec is that from?
I normally would apply a readymix Cemex/Hanson sand/cement/fibre screed over the under floor heating pipes. However, I'm trying my best to move with the times and go with liquid screed which is proven to respond far better to under floor heating.

Yes, the reason why I would like to do it myself would be to learn and save my clients money.

30MM is from Cemex Supaflo.
Saves money by being thinner than sand/cement, so less material. You can increase the insulation and get a better 'U' value for the same overall floor construction thickness.
Saves your back & knees by being easier to level and no manual handling.
Saves you time by being quicker to lay than sand/cement.
Saves the environment by not using cement but using a alternative waste product, so it saves on landfill and avoids the carbon emissions from the cement manufacture.

Costs you £20k for a pump (& somewhere to keep it), plus some more gear and some training days to be an approved installer for the material suppliers.
u will be needing at least 3 cube of screed from supaflo based on 15mm pipe with 30mm on top. 3 cube in a lorry is about £600 plus vat in cemex or equivalent in bagged form it is about 7 pallets about 2k and then you have to mix it and get it upstairs.
What would the cost be for a liquid screed pump person to pump 3 cube of Supalflo?

Is there a going rate?

How long are liquid screed training courses?
im a floor screeding contractor,

for starts, 30mm is not enough cover from substructure to ffl.
you need a minimum 45mm make up for screed.
and in regards to a pump you can hire one but you will pay i hired one recently as my own was being fixed
i paid £175+vat, and i had to collect it id it was delivered its a minimum £70 delivery charge and a £70 collection charge
plus the diesel i used, at £1.05pl i supplied my own fuel.
as regards to the screed its self, supaflow is not as good as gyvlon, you ask any screeder who has done both and lafarges gyvlon wins 9/10 times.
the price is about £165pcm + part load charges up to 6 cube.
in my honest opinion, get a floor screeding contractor in to go the job.
my number is 07896728946
i offer full screeding services from flowing to traditional floor screeds.
just the comment about liquid screed being a better conductor of heat absolute nonsense screeding for 25yrs now so many main contractors turning away from liquid screed back to traditional especially housing where they want the screeding done these days with no roof and no windows in
Hi we pump all manner of flowing to traditional floor screeds. based in the south east.
We have our own pump and cover all of London..077******
if you relly want to hire your own pump call C.E.S HIRE 01494715472 hope you have all the tools and and some good mate to help you out!!!!!!
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