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Hi there, just wondering if someone could help me out here I live in a 20 year old house with a garage joined, I had a doorway knocked through but we get a lot of draughts through to the house as the garage door seems imposible to draught proof as there are gaps all around it, and in the winter it can get really cold, we use the garage for the freezer, fridge and storage,the boiler is also in there and the frost thermostat kicks in most nights during the winter

The 2 main walls are a block and brick to the outer wall, and block with a 50 mm insulation board board to the partie wall house to garage, my idea is to build a stood wall 1500 mm from the drafty garage door to split the garage and completly make it draught proof, I want to put insulation in the stud, question is for this job should I use 4x2 to fill with 100mm insulation or could I get away with smaller 75mm would the Rockwool acoustic insulation slabs work filled to up to 100mm or would I be better off with insualion boards, I would be putting a 12.5 mm plasterboard over them and skimming and for this job if I get insualion boards would general multpupose do the trick or would I need expensive thermal boards, any views? cheers.
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Better the insulation value better the insulation
To me it all down to choices you make here according to what the Lorry drivers have bought in when you shop lol
If you want to draught proof it only just plasterboard skimmed will do that