I'm looking for some labouring work in Bristol.

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I'm after some work in the Bristol area.

Unfortunately I have limited experience in the trade.
I have spent a day working with a friend of the family who is a plasterer. Also did a wall with the father in-law in his barn conversion the other day, and i have built a en-suit in my house with a stud wall etc.

I have a car so can get to jobs.

Was recently self employed so I don't take time off for nothing.
Also i'm 33 so i don't text and look at my phone all the time. :rolleyes)

I'm happy to do a few days for free so you can check i'm not an idiot and get some experience.

Please get in touch if you are interested. I will be available from the second of July (i'm away next week:RpS_unsure:)

P.S i have a CSCS card

Yes had a week booked in morgan porth b4 i became unemployed. was good. and first holiday in five years. kids loved it. The main problem was we stayed in a place 10x better than our house, so when i came home i was wishing it had been burnt down. not that i could have gone back there, but u cant stop your brain dreaming sometimes.
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