How to join gypsum plaster with lime plaster? Possible?

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Hi everybody.

I have a solid wall house where 1meter gypsum plaster was hacked off due to damp.

I wouldn't like to hack off all plaster, obviously it would be messy, dusty and I would need to spend much more time on fixing the wall.

I have experiance with plastering (bonding coat, multifinish), haven't use lime yet.

I generally understand how to plaster with lime. But unsure would it be possible to just fill the gap with lime and sand, to let the wall breathe.

Dont use limelite it is not much better than using sand and cement. Use a non hydraulic based render or a hydraulic. Both are available are pre batched mixes so pretty easy to get hold of. If you use a 3/2 top coat mix that should match the texture as close to the multi finish.
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