How to clean k-rendered wall?

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Hoping someone can advise.....
I had a garden wall built around 18 months ago and the front of the wall (from the top to the ground) was k-rendered. With the wall touching the ground, I find that when it rains, dirt from the ground splashes up on the wall.

I have attached a couple of photos of my wall showing the dirt.

Can anyone advise how best I can clean this, and is there anything I can put on the wall to minimise the amount of dirt sticking to the wall?


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Use Monty miracle cleaner spray it on have a cup of tea then hose off with hose pipe will look brand new again
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It not only cleans but the chemicals in it prohibit future growth. It’s not perfect, can take time, but it takes a lot of the scrubbing and very harsh chemicals out of the cleaning process.
God knows how the thin coat lads do it especially in the winter I’m no expert but I think it takes two -three days to go off proper so you have to be John kettley!