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Tony, do you use the machines to do the taping or just hawk etc? there's a boy up here thats got all the kit but must be hard goin carrying that tube about all day full of gear. Nice kit though..

Yes mate, I do. 1st coat joint filler by hand, and then the finishing coats with boxes and corner applicators.
If i had to get a pasterer in to skim that house then i wouldont if I had to get a taper in then forget it them lds wouldont be doing anymore for me that boarding is s**t does the site managers walk round with a blindfold on ive seen trainess do better than that.
s**t boarding job. If someone turned in that kinda crap on one of my jobs, theyd be down the road, minus the cost of it being redone. Thos lads been picking the scraps out the skip to board that? dont seem to be any full boards!
Theres no excuse for crap work, except being a ****, all it means is that each trade following has to do a bit more work, so those that come after are carrying others that dont deserve it. Good work is important now more than ever. Plenty of good lads out there struggling to find work, bin those lads n get a better team in.
why would you need to bond it?

looks like you have a hour or so putting some more screws in it too!!!!
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