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I heard that as soon as Rhys got in the private members area he cleaned up all the work in there, and has never been seen since! :-0

....unless, he is all loved up again.....? LOL

anyone know?


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He has hardly been on here now, mabye. he's found a nice lady:RpS_wub:eek:r its his tv work keeping him busy.:RpS_wink:


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He's a mod on a BMW site. apparently his stories are better received on there........:RpS_thumbup:


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Here's a BMW story then.

Years ago my marra bought a BMW and went on and on about how they never rust because his brother had told him they had something like seven layers of paint on them and oh how brilliant they were etc. etc. Anyhoo we went into a car park one day and the barrier wouldn't lift to let us in so I went to see the attendant who told me it was because it was almost time to close.
I went back to the motor and told my marra that the bloke had asked straight away if it was a BMW. He looked a bit bemused until I explained to him that the sensors at the barrier couldn't detect his car because it had so many layers of paint on it and this only happens with BMW's and three wheeler cars ( which have glass-fibre bodyworks)...........He couldn't wait to get home to tell his brother, I'm sure he had a hard-on all the way home :RpS_laugh:
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