High suction walls

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Guys looking for a bit of advice.
What is your best remedy for high suction walls ( Lath & plaster ) before you apply multi finish. Never really used a suction control primer before & would that be adequate anyhow?
Mix some SBR through your pva will help
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Great tip . I’ve recently stated buying unibond or evostick. Can’t believe the difference well worth the extra cost . Tried explaining it to my mate but he can’t get his head around it . Cheap pva is false economy
I am actually changing my PVA to evostick and expecting 10lts tomorrow.
Beeline sealer for me now two coats however you must let it harden off for several hours. Plastering pva over and when sticky and skim.

There are loads of products but cost and easy of use varies.

Blue grit works.
SBR is quicker drying
And so on.
I've user gardz which is styrene based like SBR.