Help Render sand&cement basics

Damian plasterer

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I one of the very lucky ones, good pension, semi-retired, can pick choose my work, most of the work I take now is internal work.
Nothing wrong with the work, in fact bellcast beads must of been floated in good, for me to think it was a stop bead. Done my share of plastering from, hacking off with hammer and bolster to running moulds in-situ.
Next external work I'll post some photo's, never used to take photo's of work, most jobs glad to see the back of them.
You must be able to come up with something better than big spuds, have a think and try to come back with something sarcastic and funny.
Wow in situ running moulds its part of the trade ffs . I aint some weeks course gunslinger pal


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The only thing g I do on site i cupboards is have piss in a bucket