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just thought id say hello as im new to this forum, just after some advice and possible guidence, i am looking at getting into plastering full time, i have no qualifcations within the plastering trade but really need to get out of my current job as a logistics planner as the office lifestyle is driving me mad, ive been a brickies labourer at weekends for 9 months and really enjoy working in the buliding trade, ive always been intersted in plastering so thought it was time to get trained, can anyone guide me in the right direction as to which course or courses i need to go on and also i am more than keen to work as a plasterers labourer at weekends or even full time if its what i need to do to get the training i need, sorry if this is posted in the wrong section, any advice at all would be much appreciated.

cheers in advance



Get on as a plasterers labourer instead learn the trade that way then after 3 years go do nvq through osat.
I've done the college route mate most of them are very below par and don't teach you everything and are only intrested in passing people so they get funding, and the diploma you get from college does not qualify you.
Thats in my experience though, might be different from you best of luck mate.
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