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Hi Everyone, I'm Dan, 34 yrs old been in this trade since 1999. I live and (mostly)work in Oxfordshire. I started out as a tackers mate before moving on to dabbing (sticking as i've always known it). Moving with the times I started metal studding and fitting MF ceilings.

I did one of the dreaded courses about 5 yrs ago cos I was fed up of losing out on little jobs where I could easily tack and stick it but lose out on the plastering. Anyway, I learnt a bit there and have been picking up nuggets of info along the way and putting them into practise. I wouldn't have the cheek to call myself a plasterer, but I can give a decent finish on the smaller skimming jobs and know enough people to help out when it's beyond my skills.

Suffering along with everyone else for the past few years but here's hoping to an improving 2012.

Er no... i didnt! i was grafting whiile most people were still stuffin mince pies in their faces, dont think im alone on that either.
Not open for further replies.