Hello from Spain.

Graham STH LDN

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If you don't mind, I would like to pick your brains on the frustrating world of building techniques that exist in Spain. A keen DIYer, with Brickwork qualification behind him (never used really, just a hobby at evening college for over three years!). I want to do some restoration on a property out here, but will be asking for some advice. Anyway, nice to be onboard. :)


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Can I come over with your next pallet of unifinsh ,tell you what it be great with the suction over there :risas::musculoso:


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I lived in Ibiza for nearly 9 years.
When you say "restore" are you talking about an old place built from stone and lime mortar, m8?


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My number 1 tip. Involve as few Spaniards as possible. Especially in a chain of supply. It will usually be the Spaniard that brings everything grinding to a halt.
I know it sounds racist but f**k it. After nearly 9 years I was sick to death of their bullshit.
Nice people though so credit where credit is due, m8s.


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Btw, There's a book called "Fincas in Spain" written by an English guy that restored his house in Spain. It's not published anymore but might come up on ebay or abebooks.co.uk occasionally. You can have them alert you when the book comes up.