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Hello Everyone,

I've been keeping on eye on here for quite a while now and after 13 years I've setup on my own in North Norfolk. Had a few jobs that have gone well but my biggest problem is finding reliable spreads to work for me ? May be I smell ??
Cheers Olican Ill give him a shout. Trouble is out here everyone is stacked ?? I organised this job 2 months ago with 2 other spread and I get told last week that neither can come?
hello mate. If your after a decent spred over your neck of the woods try @chrisjack321
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I had the pleasure of visiting North Norfolk a few weeks back... can't say I noticed a dodgy smell! My mate has a lovely B&B in Heacham :)
Welcome mate , u need someone u can trust that who says they will be there and they will be there ..... Good look hunting ...... Chrisjack seems like a top lad so wud defo look into that mate :RpS_thumbsup:
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