Hello - first actual plastering attempt complete!

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Hey all,

I'm Derick and just wanted to say hi and thank you for some of the advice on here. I have been reading through various threads to get tips when needed recently - have just replaced a bathroom lath and plaster ceiling with plasterboard and then skimed it. Went on a short plastering course recently and this was my first proper go since then (thankfully on my own house!). Came across a few tricky bits that I wasn't prepared for like the sloped corner (simple things like realising my trowel wouldnt fit into the tight angles!) but I got there in the end!

Thank once again, Derick


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Looks ok and not a large area to snag. Though as mentioned your gonna get a lovely crack if you dksnt tape that joint
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Good place to start, you don't look at the ceiling when using the bathroom,
Make sure you do a good job of the floor, which does get looked at.