Hello everybody - first time post here so please be kind (or almost)

I have read about EZE Mesh - 70gr/m2 on a couple of threads on here. It is just what I need to help to ensure the cracks from a variety of original backgrounds (circa 1885) are prevented (as far as possible) from appearing in the overskim which starts on Friday 18th May. Problem is, it is out of stock at Plasterers 1 Stop Shop for 3 weeks. Is there any other source it can be obtained from? Any help or guidance on sourcing the same or equivalent would be much appreciated. I need 2 no. 100 metre x 1 metre rolls.
Thanks in advance for any advice or guidance to source for this week.
Thanks for responding Dropsalot. I think I posted the question in the wrong place, so I later put it in another area of the forum. Had some very helpful replies so great response from the forum members sharing their knowledge.