Hello all

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Hi people
Thought I better introduce myself as have just posted on plasterer looking for plasterer and bound to get slated if I don't!!!
Been plastering 17 yrs and took plunge couple yrs ago and went it alone.. and aint looked back!!
Bury St Edmunds based, aint married but got 3 kids with her so as good as!!
Seems to be a few characters on here so await your responses with baited breath... or is it bad breath!!



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Welcome along young sir and think @jesssop might be round your way and @scottie5 ??? Will probably get stick if I'm wrong with the areas lol but hope you get the help you need :RpS_thumbup:
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Hello phil and welcome mate, I moved from barnham to wymondham a few years ago so not a million miles away.


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Welcome along Phil, good yo have to our aboard.
I used to date a pretty little red head called Pippa, not you is it?


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Alright bud.:RpS_thumbup:

there was another pippa on here .....but someone erm.. done away with her, so to speak:-0
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