HAS ANYONE ever used Ronacrete

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pre-baged render for screeding a floor Waterproofing and Tanking - renders, waterproof screeds, DPM's i have started a swimming pool and mosaic tiled the walls/steps ,now the insulation boards on the floor are uneven ,and they are the only company that will guarantee there product under water !! it is polymer modified any tips on how i can work with it ? ie ruling-off maybe plastic float it's going to be very sticky stuff me thinks any -tip's please !!
i 'am not paying so let them pay for top quality stuff really ,no tips then on how to work it ??
We used the pre bagged screed to repair exisiting surfaces in the pool area in Tubridge Wells Sports Centre. As I recall the screed ,being polymer modified was of a glue like nature, dont expect to be able to do 100m2 plus a day ,it will take a while to finish.

Its also going over an insulant,so will therefore be unbonded, I would check Ronacrete's guide lines on this, it may need a steel reinforcement.A call to thier technical dept in in order,if they have not speced this one for you already.
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I know nothing about pool work or this product, but I do know water is heavy, there are gonna be some major compressive forces like mark said, what do ronacrete spec, suggest, they must have some credible feedback, also let us know the results love
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well guys thanks for the replies, ronacrete have spect-it, 15mm depth, use there bonding agent before laying in to the wet/tacky bonding agent,no reinforcing ,
i was thinking of using one of them pin/gauge levelling floats from refina,to achieve the correct depth,then gently ruling off,then a light flick of water and closing with a clean steel trowel ? does this sound any-good to you guys ? along as t don't leave any large bumps it should be ok to lay the mosaic onto !
Gooner, just a thought...but if the boards are uneven ,how will the pin gauge float over come this?? surely the depth will vary.

Have you stuck the insulant down with the same polymer based material ??
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thanks for the reply Mark !, you were correct so i marked the high points with some kiddies chalk from tesco's ! then used the pin leveller to do the low-pionts then free handed over the high-spots this did the job perfectly it was very sticky stuff to work with reminded me of carlite-bonding LOL ,i will post a few pics here when i up-load them to the computer or make a you-tube film, thanks for all your help and ideas Lads ........
Superb job Gooner. Thanks for posting the vid. Its great to see THE job discussed as a final result.It must be very rewarding.
the only time i have used it was in trenches in a factory which housed electrical cables, and as the tide came in the trenches flooded as the building was below sea level. i had to wait to low tide then screed a coat over the base of the trenches it did work.
Thanks Mark yes i love doing the swimming pools !, idid an apprenticeship as a spread ,then specialised in pool-finishing as soon as i found it, i used to hate the cut- throat undercutting of the trade years -ago it was the irish then, and now you have the rest of eastern europe to compete against now in plastering ,some of the new plastering stuff interests me but it is a changed trade to what i used to know,if you were a plasterer when i was about you did everything,now there seems to be plasterers specialising in small areas,and some are little more than machine operators ,it's mad :-D
Hi gooner nice job mate. as for the ronacrete i used screeding a whs in boston 1000 m2 more a less. its was alot harder to use then normal screed with cement but it wenf of very qucik for foot traffic so we had to use it. anyway that pool looks glam well done tony
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