Has anybody used Natcem 35 on a tanking job. Does it work?

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Hi .
I want some advice on a product ive not come accross before. I'm renovating a three storey terraced house and need to tank out the basement. Someone suggested Natcem 35 was good because its quick and works well but i've never heard of it and wondered if anyone else has used it and how was it for you?


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Looks like it'll cost you a fortune in materials. Normally you use a Sika system which is hard work and can crack or a membrane system with a sump pump which is also expensive but effective if installed correctly. Unless you're in central London or a very posh area it's generally not cost effective to tank a basement
I want to convert the room into extra living space and its very damp down there so I need a product that can keep it dry. I was told this was a good one to use but want to know if anyone had used it.