Hardwall on celcon blocks?

Hi All, newbie here and diy plasterer

I've knocked off old plaster and render off a celcon wall. I'm having laminate wallboard fitted

My question is it ok to use hardwall without skimming as it won't be seen. Some of the blocks were damaged being so soft. Can i fill with some sort of sand/cement? Or hardwall over the damage

Looking forward to some good advice. Cheers


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Can you not build a stud wall in front of it and insulate?
It's a very small room, 8x4. Prefer to skim and board if poss


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What size of batten would be adequate 1 inch x? Thanks for info
2x1 I'd say...screw it into the block and the board.

*This is not technical advice. It is simply my first thought.
Have it done properly. pva hardwall and set
solid walls then...and no issues