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Hi just wondering if anyones done the 6 week plastering nvq course at goldtrowel and what its like ??i really want to get into the trade and debating weather the best thing to do would be to try look for a plasterer willing to train me up and id work for free for awhile as i feel if i found the right bloke id learn more that way, the problem is finding someone willing to train you up and put in the time,basically the course is 2300 pound and with not working and paying rent and bills etc for 6 weeks it would end up costing me about 5 grand which is alot of money for something that might not be a great option, im a painter and decorator by trade and have been for the last 9 years and im used to working with some people have completed a 2 month course or whatever and 95 percent of the time they havnt a breeze what they are doing and i certainly dont want to be that guy as i take alot of pride in my work and have a good eye for detail, any advice would be much appreciated thanks
Stay being a painter and decorator....problem solved...youre swapping an easy trade for a really physically demanding one.
I can see where your coming from but ive been Painting since im 15 and id like a change as i would like to have two trades and been able to take on plastering and painting jobs in the future would benefit me alot and give me more job opportunitys and would like to start now while im still young and keen to learn
He'd got a point Carl , plus no matter how good a job you do nobody is ever going to have you back five years on to do the hall and sitting room again.

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