Halftime 4Bonding With HalftimeTM 4Bonding Plaster Accelerator

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NEW!!! Halftime 4Bonding reduces gypsum bonding plaster setting time from 2 hours to 20 minsfor time critical projects.

Ever found yourself needing to speed up bonding plaster on small projects? Eazymix have launched a new bonding plaster accelerator aimed at helping the trade plasterer to do much more in less time.

Travis Perkins sells the other one for multi etc so they will probably sell these eventually, there always at the counter ,,,funny how wickes sells them but you have to get them delivered...and they are the same company to F*****g weird
So are you still going to charge the equivalent of the 2 days/extra time you would otherwise need?
Soon everybody in the building trade will be expecting you to do more in half the time, thereby driving your rates down even further.
If I'm on a fixed price fireplace install then yes, it helps me get on because I'm delivering something else, not meterage, but I'm still going to charge 2 days. But it works against me if I'm competing against "Bollox it in and f**k off quick mercaaants" who will try to undercut me and do it in a day.