Gypsum over lime walls

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Hello, I have recently bought an old property built approx 1900 with lime plaster throughout. In the living and dining room however, there has been a thin layer of gypsum applied.

I intend to plaster the rest of the house with lime plaster so would it be worth chipping off the gypsum and doing it in lime? When steaming the wallpaper from these room a lot of the gypsum was bubbling and falling off and is quite damaged everywhere.

I am very new to plastering and this forum is excellent, hope you can help. thanks
the reason that a gypsum reskim in your living and dining rooms is the cost.
lime is slow and expensive i have just finished a lounge ceiling with wood lath and 3 coat lime to one ceiling and the cost of materials was £400.
i would not use a wallpaper steamer on lime plasterwork you will do to much damage.
Gypsum over lime is not the way but as long as there are no damp issues it will work but possibly crack best to line it with paper its a compromise and purists would say no but it does work.
Thanks for your responses. I have had to removed about 8 layers of ancient wallpaper from every wall and the original lime plaster is in quite good condition but quite a few holes to fill, i think it will just need skimming. I'm aware of the costs of lime, but i would like to use all the same material throughout if possible, and I like the look of it! I'm thinking of a simple tinted lime wash or natural paint, I am sick of wall paper after all that steaming! I have removed the old skirting boards and theres nothing behind them , just bare brick! not looking forward to that part of the plastering project!
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