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Been on books about 6 year for a housing association and went back self employed in July 2019. Does anyone know if I will be due any money from government or will I get shafted? I’ve completed my tax return for 2019/2020 if that helps


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Letters going out soon. Martin Lewis discuss yesterday if you look it up. I think you will be ok with one years books but folks under a year are stuffed. Go claim universal credit to

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Speak to the correct people all you get on here is spakas wit egos (y)

A bit harsh, but you're right. If you want financial/business advice speak to your accountant, it's what you pay them for.


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They said they are writing to everyone eligible. If you don't get a letter then chase up but nothing you can do at the moment as everyone is waiting for it to be sorted. They only hinted at letters being sent out. There will be some that will need to chase though