Gable End Damp Roof or Brickwork???


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Currently renovating a 1900 terraced property have noticed the gable walls are wet since the last 24 hours of rain. The pictures seem to show damp on the outside corresponding with the damp on the inside. The Gable has been pointed and all the joints look good. I have uploaded the photos but I don't know if you can see a line of damp coming from the roof??????

Its definitely not rising damp because its dry underneath the windows. Any advice or can anyone spot anything I have missed.


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Is it single wall or cavity wall?

If a cavity could be coming down from roof or below and hitting damp course over windows or above like brick ties, insulation, debris and spreading out?
Pointing looks good.
Looks like line of damp running down from roof?
Red stock brick are like sponges especially the soft ones.
The age of property I assume solid 9" wall. But style of brick work could mean that water can find a way down through and down centre of course and posibly hitting lintels and spreading. but would have thought it would show in rooms above as well.
Just check out roof. Looks as if tile slipped right side of gable.
Check pointing is o.k.
No overflows from toilets or tanks leaking.
Nothing leaking from rooms above, rads or pipes. Pan connectors. ECT.
Thanks for the replies guys. Its Solid walls. Damp inside and out both in the same place, going to investigate the roof. There are 2 lines of damp on the pictures( 1 near there front and 1 near the back) that seem to flow down the gable to big damp areas. Someone suggested there may have been previous fireplaces here and they may have not been covered up well on the roof.
firstly they look common brick not stock brick which are non porous I would think all the water from above is coming down to you /winters are a lot wetter these days and walls don't get time to dry out before more rain comes along and the water finds it easier to head your way than out /buildings were not meant to get constant wettings like we do /sign of the times