Found the perfect partner!


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For mein stein! (y) There big f**k**s those leffs n it still don’t fill the c**t up!!
Found the perfect partner!
I loves it I doo!!
Leffe's a very decent quality beer, and nice and strong... my only complaint is they make it sweeter than it needs to be. It's better quality than at least 2/3rds of the beer on the market though.
When I went Brussels for the footy, the book is about 2 “ think of beers , there’s a few more flavour leffes too

Don't bother trying the red Leffe (can't remember the exact name but Asda sell it - maybe it's 'Ruby') - it tastes like crap.

You'll still end up trying it then wish you'd heeded my advice.

Everyone tries Leffe red eventually, because Leffe Blonde and Brun are so nice.
If you invited him to a party, you'd give him the wrong address.
I wouldn’t invite him to a party so that’s never gonna happen! Maybe send him round to Micheal Barrymore’s house! I’m pretty sure he had something to do with all that caffuffle!