Never had a run like it.

Every acca - 1 let's us down.

Spurs conceding leads, Man u, juventus, real Madrid, barca, city, aaggggghh!
same here no luck at all this season, there is always one team lets you down, but keep going,
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im feeling your pain, I’ve had a shocking year with bets
2 years ago in all the years i have been betting, i had an incredible 3 month betting period, football bets up/horses were doing well for me/and golf ,.................then bang back to normal
International break now, equally as unpredictable.
England cost us last time, thought they'd smash Denmark . (Both times).

Just going to pick a long shot at the masters this week and see how it goes.
Put my sky bet on cooling off for a month as couldn’t win a raffle if I was the only one in it! Hour later bet365 account still the same outcome lose lose lose
Another great start to the day!