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foam plasterboard adhesive

Discussion in 'The Plasterers Forums Information Guides' started by RH Preservation, Dec 31, 2017.

  1. RH Preservation

    RH Preservation New Member

    what in your opinion is the best and most cost effective product and pros and cons and any user tips
  2. zolco

    zolco Private Member

    Dryfix foam is good quick and clean if the blockwork good
  3. Dropsalot

    Dropsalot Private Member

    Shaving foam just doesn’t work.
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  4. Chrispy33uk

    Chrispy33uk Active Member

    Expanding foam great for a bit of patching, never used it on full boards.
  5. malc

    malc Private Member

    a builder that had done his own boarding had a few rattlers, he drilled the board placed the expanding foam behind the board it did stop the rattle.
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  6. johniosaif

    johniosaif Private Member

    Doesn’t draw damp like dabs would ,
  7. Chrispy33uk

    Chrispy33uk Active Member

    Doing a garage conversion earlier in the year, foamed a patch on and was holding it with the left hand while I drove a couple of temporary screws in with the right to hold it and slipped and smashed the screwdriver bit straight into my thumb nail. :sorprendido3::tarjetaroja::vomito:
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  8. RH Preservation

    RH Preservation New Member

    Thanks . Do you know if it can be used over pb2 meshed vapour membrane
    Never in the world
  9. RH Preservation

    RH Preservation New Member

    Frank spencer springs to mind
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  10. Wayners

    Wayners Active Member

    Screwed some loose boards on a ceiling and taped then skimmed it. Think when I screwed boards it never pulled them tight to joist so it cracked again. To fix. I have drilled 10mm holes and blasted some low expansion foam in. Waited an hour then skimmed ceiling. Cracks never came back.. I also think you can fix sound block board to walls with foam. Just wedge around and stick on. Pull wedges then fill all around the edges with more foam. Floating wall it's called I think. Just thought I would mention all this.. Here is me after the last job I did with foam [​IMG]
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