floating hardwall

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Is it possible to float hardwall after ruling? How much does a bag of hardwall go to a bag of sand.
When you rule sc you float it is hardwall the same???? How many sqm does 1 bag of hardwall go on the wall to a bag of sand on the wall lok
I think with all the questions im guessing your not a plasterer maybe call a pro let him decide what gear he needs and how much its gonna cost you? Just throwing tha at ya 'anker :RpS_thumbsup:
Even a good labourer knows how many bags of hardwall is requied to sqm guess things are different these days with the dot n dab generation!
Its all getting too technical for me now so on them ground no deal! Im out but thanks for your input interesting theory cant wait to see my labourer in morning im gonna av to put his bloody wages up now he's a pro labourer thanks ankers!!:RpS_thumbsup:
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