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Hi I have just done my first wall with venetian plaster I have had no training just read a lot and watched a lot of videos I done 1 small test board, I am a highly skilled plasterer so have a good understanding of most plastering processes and products, the wall was 11sqm in my living room I did a base coat in solid purple second coat purple with a small amount of white and top coat purple with white highlights. It has come out exactly as I planed there will probably be pros that pull it to bits I'm not saying it's perfect but it look good to me thanks for any input


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Looks nice not my cup of tea but I appreciate the skill.. How much did that walls cost u in materials
I'm sure I read somewhere that it's like £40sqm for venetian plaster?
Personally for me it wouldn't be worth doing for and hour rate because there is so much back and frothing unless it was like £50ph labour only
Well your wall was 11m so 11x40 440 .... If it took you 3 different days of 6 hours each , a dear wall but if thats what the customer wants lol if u add the 70 quid gear on top of that aswell .....
@RobJack is the man for this stuff. I think it looks OK from your pics but its personal preference like anything? If you like it then who gives a monkeys for those that may not?? I think you have earned yourself a beer pal :RpS_thumbup:
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Was thinking of leaving it there but the girlfriend was not impressed so it's back on the wall tv is up and it's looking good will post pic tomoz
Looks good mate. Pictures don't do the finished justice. If your happy with it that's the main thing. Blending colours is fun and lots can be achieved. Getting the colours right can be difficult. I've messed about on boards trying different colours and it turns out like someone threw up on it. I don't know how to explain a point about pricing without going into material and labour costs so I won't. All I can say is that venetian is a niche market if you can do it and get the work.
Where would you say the bulk of your venetian work comes from? What type of client and in what rooms? Walls or lids or both etc. Basically who wants it and what's popular?
Quite a bit from website. The odd one from Facebook page. A god chunk from designers and call backs from previous people I've done jobs for. We did a living room a few weeks ago. Then got called back to do the dining room and was called back last week to price stairway. I do more walls than ceilings. Get the odd floor but not as many as I'd like
Vast majority of customers are high end properties with a mix of other things such as restaurants etc too
Thanks for all the comments I am loving venetian plastering and would and will be doing everything I can to gain as much knolage as I can think I have found a new hobby lol
Do you have any photos of the floors? I'm. Assuming it's a different material? What does it go over?

The guys u said uv had callbacks from. They're gonna end up having living room, dining room and stairwell done? Does that look a bit excessive in a house or can it look good?
Reckon you'd need a million pound house to I'll this type of stuff off.. Think it suits open big areas
I put a different product on floors called micro cement. The house with the repeat work is in Droylsden manchester. 3 bed detached built in 90s. Once the stairs is done she will have t different finishes in her house and it all flows together well. It doesnt look out of place. She picked quite light colours and tones. A vibrant red in a full room wouldn't work in her house but the white and cream blends do
First wall First wall First wall First wall

Black gold fire wall. Ottacento dining room. White and cream blended living room. Not don't the stairway yet as I think she is waiting till after xmas
Cheers Rob. Looks nice. Interesting texture on the fireplace wall.
How long have you been doing for? How log would you say it takes to become competent at assuming you can already plaster?
Been doing venetian just under 3 years now. Difficult to say really. It's like anything. Some people will take to it quicker than others. I know one guy who does it who definately shouldn't. Product knowledge is a large part of it. Holding a trowel isn't the be all and end all either. We've trained painters on how to hold a trowel and they can do some finishes better than a regular spread. The key to it all is preparation and cleanliness. Which painters do very well (most of them). For the plaster finishes they need to be flat but the finishes are quite thin so it the substrate isn't flat then your finish won't come out the way it should. I've spent lots of time fine filling and sanding walls and even re skimming if the plaster isn't flat. If your looking into going down the venetian route I would recommend a course. It's the best way to learn about many different finishes and their composition.
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