First time buyer - Damp Advice ?


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Hello all,

Just after some advice as I cannot turn to anyone with regards to these sorts of issues. We are first time buyers and are inexperienced in the matter. There has been a problem highlighted with water staining on the wall due to potential damp on a homebuyers report.

I have quoted the relevant part of the report:
However, at the rear there appears to be a leaking section of gutter and beneath this area there is water staining at ground floor level on the rear wall along with associated algae/ moss
growth which suggests this is a long term issue. No damp was recorded internally but you should have an appropriate person inspect this to establish what needs to be done to rectify this issue and prevent long term damage occurring. This could lead to structural movement, damp, timber decay, disrepair, accidents,ill health and damage to the property.

The report also quotes "Internally, the external
walls have been plastered. The walls are likely to contain a plastic damp-proof

We do like the house and we just wanted other people thoughts on the matter, is this something a damp specialist can investigate and determine whether it is a long term issue? Could the pipe next to it be leaking? Would the inspection be very invasive, for example something the vendor might not agree to?


Any advice would be appreciated!

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