feeling guilty


It’s A Boy
100m would be a slow day for those boys I worked with one in Cambridge back in the 80s he could do 100 metres s and c a day no bother two Labour s flat out keeping him going mad men

i grew up plastering with donny men.
animals absolute animals.
mixing 20 ton of sand and cement a day to 2 of them 2 labs was the norm.
22 bags of skim a gauge on plasterboard between 4 men...2 labs.
40 bags hardwall before 12 then skim 2 of us daily.
the rendering gangs put there hands to anything any weather....looking back i was lucky to serve my time with these men.

they taught me how to make money !!

1st hit this morning approx 60m on my tod.
biggish house...
would of been skimmed in a day with a few more of the donny men ;)

£1600 5.5 days on shite rates. :(

octagon homes
jurys in hotels
golf hotels etc

huge developments in and around london the older generation of dony men were top spreads.


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It’s A Boy
i skimmed rest of the room in 2nd hit....never starting mixing until 10.30.....finished 5.30 locked site up.
had breaky with kids first... dropped them off at school then crash bang wallop at work.
dropped my new van back to the garage this evening :mad:
made my old fella his thursday steak and jersy royals....now im back on the stella.

then back at it tomorrow !!
pints with the wife tomorrow in local.....
saturday back at it :rayos:
hahhahahaha life just f**k**g flies by !!
i think i need that young lad from the collage :)