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I dont fight for any friendship any more...

I can cut people out of my life instantly I have done it a lot in the past and my life is a lot better for it
Same here. even told my parents if they die on Monday I.ll be at work Tuesday. I think it's a autistic trait
Too late now, but the answer is to stay stum, say nowt, not your problem and you will be damned if you do or don't.
Your brother is clearly very opinionated and cannot accept hearing anybody else's unless it agrees with his. Sounds just like mine. Haven't even bothered telling him about my divorce, he never asks how I am or about my life and would just make an acid remark.
Maybe he'll cool down in time, maybe not, but if he does don't mention it again and if he does decline to talk about it.
@hector you are bang out of order! This is the general plastering section, please use either the public bar or private sections for your personal ramblings in future.