EZE K4 for sale

Chris Lewis

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2nd try on here!

Hi all, got this Eze K4 which we bought for cementitious fire protection works but as you can see on the photos it was used once. Unfortunately it's been hidden away in our stores for the best part of 5/6 years.

Bought from Plasterers One Stop Shop In 2016. Used once as you see from the photos. Its in great condition.

Comes complete with generator so complete kit purchased for £7k+ vat originally.

Appreciate there may be newer models out and this is reflected in the price. I did "sell" it for 5k last week but on day of collection the buyer disappeared and stopped responding so here we are again!

Any questions welcome although you would all know a lot more about this machine than I do!

Looking for £4500. Based in Cardiff


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