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What's the go between rates for EWI on domestic jobs, I know what I charge and I make good money but I want to get an idea as to where I fall in the sales spectrum ie cheap or too expensive. Understand that thickness in board changes the price etc so for arguments sake say 90mm eps boards textured finish. What's the average low end and top end price
Work out your materials labour how many days and what you want to make a day then you have your answer:RpS_confused:
Supply and fix I come in at £60 not including scaffold and that clears me over £200 a day once every thing paid etc
We are establishing a rate here. Thought discussing rates had become banned.

I wont discuss prices but you are too cheap imo.
I don't want to establish a fixed rate just a bottom and top end price the going rates I don't want to know what other people charge
If you read through the thread steve it states rates for supply n fix on domestics and not stubby rates on Eco schemes , read you subject matter before commenting , or you could supply and fix . Do you realy want to bring this it to an open debate on the forum ????
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