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Were looking at getting a compactor and recycling, but it's only worth about 100 a ton as opposed to white at 350 a ton


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Very difficult to recycle stuff, I am starting a 1930s house soon with the old toilet, soap dish ,toilet paper holder,kitchen units ,all original from 1930s, hope to find them a good new home.


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I'm sure Jablite do a recycling collection service. I may be wrong...

We are in the process of converting a very old cavity machine for someone, it's is breaking the EPS perfectly and being collected in big bags. He says he is re-using it or selling it to someone.
I know that depending upon the system provider you are using for EWI then some have a collection service which you have to pay for, somewhere in the region of 50p a bag and haulage, 150 -200 quid a full load, dependent on location as well. The Knauf Insulation thermoshell system can offer this, not sure of anyone else currently.


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Insulated render might be considered as an alternative solution in order to avoid insulation material waste and land fill. It helps avoiding thermal “cold bridges” as well as dump issues, which could significantly reduce an actual thermal performance vs. declared values.


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Eps waste problems, contact ThermalGuard EPS recycling we recycle all ,EPS white, grey, XPS
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