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I am always looking at ways to be more efficient and make the most i can
so was wondering peoples different ways to do this.

For example
Pva before skims whats you method if any to be more efficient
( send labourer to do 1 day before then 1 on the day or just one on the day) ?

Small jobs do you try and do them all on say the weekend?

What size domestic job do you find is best by yourself, a 2 and 1 gang , labourer and plasterer or 2 plasterers?

What's your most profitable jobs by time taken ( eg lets say you earn £150 per ceiling and did 2 in a day, while a room reskim you might charge £250 for example).

and any other ideas you have.
Look at job give price for job get job book job in go do job finish job get paid go home and repeat 5 -6 days a week. Is that efficient was probably home by 2 at the latest most days boring plastering I'm more efficient when I make a roast on a Sunday (y)