Edit wont work

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what browser are you using? Can you try it in another browser to see if it works then I can start to see what the problem might be.

IE 9 mate, i think it started when i updated from IE 8 when i think about it

Does edit work in Chrome? Yes it does

Does it work in ie9? Yes this time it does but sometimes you clcik save and it does nothing
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Just tested and it seems to work on this thread but just 5 mins ago wouldnt and has not on quite a few occasions

sounds like a page caching issue with IE...

I will have play later today on my comp and see if I can replicate the errors :)

On a side note... why are you using IE?? That has more bugs than an african hospital waiting room

I dont even have an option to edit my posts. I am using firefox.

Actually I do now but didn't yesterday......strange.
has been crashing mid post aswell for me, very annoying, i have no issues on other forums.

Oh and is tapatalk compatablity coming?
Yeah tapatalk is coming when I can get it working properly :)

How do you mean crashing?

I have been using my phone on 3g and not crashed :-(

I been trying today to replicate the problems.... just cant get it to do it...
I have a friends request that wont clear as well now. Click save and the circle thing appears and goes away but nothing happens. On my main HTPC with ie9 and my lappy with ie8.

Maybe the forum just dont like me

I have been using IE9 all morning (reluctantly) and I still cant get it to break :-(

what are your security settings?

Can you try and clear the cache?
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