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The one ive got at the moment, which i aquired for nix is exactly the same i kid you not it mixes better than a new one we call them 50pence mixers.
just looked. ur right. i bought a belle 240 a couple of yrs back from screwfix. im sure it was not much over 200. i think iv only used it once aswell...
No work today then Nick, them mixers are £300 plus nowadays new ive just been on the Bricklayers Forum first time for yonks and seen that d*m**o had been on it (Kent brickie) giving his bollox his last post end of last year he had all his tools up for sale and eas getting back into plastering again Lol.

Best leccy mixer you can get, the petrall ones not bad either. Had one for 11 years, never missed a beat, bit had it ( and a spot board ) knicked in Kent. Paid £250 plus for a new leccy one bout 4 yrs ago (with leccy genny )
i lent my almost new mixer to a mate for a day.....well a year past and i still diddnt have it back so i rang him 54 times in one day till he finally answered, went round to his and he gave me £380 wen i asked him why and wheres the mixer he said its in the back garden you can take it if you want or have the cash, wen i went out back the drum was split and well out of shape covered in shite inside had a huge solid lump at the bottom that he cuddnt get out and hes broke the legs so it kept falling over haha, ill have the cash thanks thats your mixer now hahaha
Not open for further replies.